Brand Identity


Use of all logos and materials available on this portal is subject to our brand guidelines.

Primary 4-Color

The primary logo defines the Audere Partners brand. It serves as a graphic identity for the company, tying together all of Audere Partners’ communication efforts into a bold and powerful brand. This logo leads the way for Audere Partners in the market, creating a sense of precision and strength among our partners, clients, and employees. The primary logo should be used in the majority of digital and print formats.

The Audere Partner logo uses four colors: Audere Blue, Audere Turquoise, Supporting Blue and Supporting Mint. Primarily the logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. In cases where the 4-color logo or symbol is not appropriate, the following versions are available for use:

Primary Black

Primary White

Primary Grayscale

Horizontal 4-Color

While the primary logo should be used whenever possible, we understand that scenarios will arise that can comprise the legibility of the logo or that are just not compatible with it. The horizontal composition is constructed to fit in narrower branding materials. This version of the mark should be used sparingly and only when something longer/shorter is needed. The same color rules apply as above.

Horizontal Black

Horizontal White


The symbol is made to be used in small spaces unless it is being used as a graphic element. This version of the logo should only be used when one of the other marks aren’t present on the branded piece. It can also be used as a graphic element.

Symbol 4-Color

Symbol Black

Symbol White

Symbol Grayscale

Logo Usage

A number of logos and symbol assets in different file formats and sizes are available for download. Never attempt to recreate the logo – always use the artwork provided and adhere to the usage guidelines.

Have questions about how to properly use our logo or other brand features? Contact us at

Clear Space & Sizing

A logo is the embodiment of the brand. It is the brand simply summed up in one tiny, neat little package. Therefore, the logo must at all times be perfectly legible and without obstructions. For that reason, we ask that designers maintain a minimum area of breathing room around the logo. The Audere Partners logo and all of its variations must at all times have the clear space that is specified on this and the next page.

The following images outline the specific hang line, both vertical and horizontal, on which all three logo variations sit. This rule must be maintained as it best suits the design of these logos. Also, be sure to notice the minimum sizes outlined in this section. We ask that these sizes be strictly adhered to and only used when absolutely necessary.

Background Colors & Photos

Ideally the logo is to be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. When this is not possible, be sure to choose background colors or photos that provide sufficient contrast with the logo.

If the photo has a dark solid background, use the white version of the logo. 

If the photo is multi-colored or busy, use a color overlay and white logo on top. 

Color Overlay Specs
Hex: #024668
Opacity: 35-90% depending on photo. Be consistent within layout. 

Best practices

Follow these guidelines when working with the Audere Partners logo.

Do: Use only approved logo assets

Don't recreate the logo. You can download everything you need here.

Do: Provide clear space

Make sure the minimum clear space is applied to the logo and symbol. Maximize clear space wherever possible.

Do: contrast with the background

Make sure the logo reads clearly and has sufficient contrast with a background color or photo.

Don't: Add Effects

Drop shadows, bevels, gradients, and strokes don't mix with the Audere Partners logo.

Don't: Change Color

Our logo likes to stay Audere blue, cyan, black, or white. Don't fill it with a pattern or a photo.

Do: Use the approved logo for one-color logos

One-color logos need to show the layers of the ribbons; don't fill in the layers yourself.