Brand Identity

Color Palette

Use of all logos and materials available on this portal is subject to our brand guidelines.

Corporate Color Palette

Audere Blue

HEX : #085d9d

Pantone : 647C

CMYK : C95   M41   Y0   K38

RGB : R8   G93   B157

Audere Turquoise

HEX : #00a5a9

Pantone : 7467C

CMYK : C77   M10   Y37   K0

RGB : R0  G165   B169

Supporting Blue

HEX : #4d79af

Pantone : 646C

CMYK : C74   M49   Y9   K1

RGB : R77   G121  B175

Supporting Mint

HEX : #88c5c7

Pantone : 324C

CMYK : C27   M1   Y0   K20

RGB : R149   G201   B204

Accent Palette

The Audere Partners accent palette consists of two complimentary colors chosen to be accents and overlays. These colors should be used sparingly for feature design elements in the following order:

HEX : #024668

WEB : #003366

CMYK :  C98   M22   Y0   K59

RGB : R2  G70   B104

HEX : #9a1915

WEB : #990000

CMYK :  C0   M84   Y86   K40

RGB : R154  G25   B21

Best practices

Follow these guidelines when working with the Audere Partners logo.

Do: Use only the approved color palette

Our colors have been carefully chosen to work well with our corporate palette. Stick to these colors and you can't go wrong.

Do: Use accent colors carefully

Accent colors don't dominate a design, they compliment our corporate color palette.

Don't: Sample colors

The 'eye dropper' or color sampling tool is inaccurate. For best color reproduction, follow the numbers in the color guidelines.